Scottish Highlands Adventure

I’ve just this minute put the proverbial pen down on a chapter that saw my characters remove to the scottish highlands. I’ve set them in a small fictional town surrounded by snow-capped mountains, with character-rich old pubs, small shops, winding streets and cobbled paths. The fires are a-crackle and the Scotch is robust, and outside the windows of the ancient castle they’ve come to stay in, the snow has just started to fall thick and fast. Christmas is just around the corner and the air is alive with magic and desire.

As you may imagine, writing my characters into this beautiful setting has been a bit of a dream. And I am, frankly, a bit jealous that they’re getting to rediscover their love in such a romantic setting!

Well, it’s a romance writer’s prerogative to give them a little helping hand, isn’t it?

This is the first book of my upcoming Holiday trilogy, centred on the three dynamic Casacelli brothers. They’re tall, dark and handsome but a dark family feud has made them cynical of women, and too damaged to believe in love… what fun!