The Tycoon’s Christmas Captive – going live today.

The Tycoon's Christmas CaptiveThe pre-order period ends today and The Tycoon’s Christmas Captive will be winging its way into all of the kindles/devices of people who’ve clicked to buy it over the last month. I’m always incredibly excited and incredibly nervous when a pre-order period ends. The sales of this particular story have been beautifully overwhelming, but now is the time where people start to read the story… and it’s nail-biting for me! I loved everything about this novel. The characters seemed to be overflowing with personality when I was writing. Kat is so sassy and has such an air of entitlement about her. But beneath her spoiled-brat facade is a sweet, uncertain girl who just wants everyone to be happy. That duality in a character is such fun to write.

If you’re one of the people who have pre-ordered the third installment in the Casacelli saga, I do so hope you enjoy it. Happy reading!



Blogging for Blog’s sake.

When it comes to writing, I’d call myself prolific. With two small children at home, I maintain a gruelling schedule so that I can hit my word counts each day. Some days, this means writing 2,000 words before anyone else in my home is up. I absolutely adore writing. I always have. Even as a child, I wrote copious pages of hand-written stories. Now, I get to do it for a living, and I know how lucky that makes me. Like many creative types, I live my life in a sort of half-dream-state. I can be at the park with my ragazzi, laughing as they swing higher and higher, but a part of my mind is in a mysterious desert country, planning what fate will next befall my brave heroine. I fall asleep thinking about my characters, and even when writing, I usually have a minimum of two other stories swirling through my imagination, waiting to be put to paper. I would go so far as to say that writing is a compulsion for me. When I can’t write for a space of days, for one reason or another, I get cranky and panicked. In the same way reading a good book makes us crave solitary time, writing makes me wish to be alone, in a darkened room, with just my thoughts and my computer.

So why do I find it so hard to blog? I guess I’m just not good at this whole social media thing. When I write, I inhabit the minds of other people. I almost feel like an all-powerful director, making my characters speak and behave as I want them too. In writing a novel, I reveal surprisingly little of myself. My words are their story, not mine. When I blog… I’m blogging my words and thoughts. In any event, I was shocked out of my shell to log into this blog thing today and see how many people had visited the page. So, if you’re here, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll try to blog more than once in a blue moon from now on.