Clare Connelly books.

Dear readers,

Another writer has begun to publish romance novels using my name.

If you are searching for new works of mine, and come across a novel that does not link back to my official Amazon author page, please be aware that it is not one of my stories.

I’ve been indecisive about whether or not to give any energy to this situation, but I have finally decided that it is necessary to at least acknowledge what is going on. For the sake of those of you who have bought my books and enjoyed them, I needed to say something!

As for me, I’ve got two new books on the horizon. Book four in the Casacelli family series will be out on Friday 21st November, and in the days following, THE GREEK TYCOON’S FORBIDDEN AFFAIR.

Happy reading,



Christmas Time

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

It’s just the most magical, wonderful time of the year for me. I absolutely adore almost everything about this holiday. It heralds some precious family time for us, as my husband takes a few weeks off work. The kids grow so much with the extra attention and time, and I get a little respite to bury my head in someone else’s books for a change! There’s the food. Such decadent, delicious food, boasting the best of the season’s bounty. Down here, in Australia, that means seafood, mangoes, cherries, asparagus, and the stone fruits like plums and peaches.

Today, we’re starting to get our gingerbread house project under way. Each year we make several. One for our home, but a few as gifts – and as the children are growing older, the number of gingerbread houses we make seems to be growing with them! One for their daycare, one for their creche at the gym, one for their old creche teacher, and so on and so forth. Lucky we have quite the production line going, now, and my little ‘elves’ only nibble every third or fourth slab of cookie!

However you mark the occasion, or even if you don’t mark it at all, I hope you’re feeling the outpouring of love that December heralds.