The Darling Buds of May Cafe Series.

I have just published the first two novels in The Darling Buds of May Cafe Series; Marrying her Enemy, and The Velasco Love Child.

I am loving these books! The first two focus on Rosie and Maggie, two women who run a busy cafe and florist in London’s Chelsea. Rosie meets and falls in love at first sight with the only man she’s sworn to hate… only she doesn’t know who he really is. Maggie enjoys a single night of passion with Spanish wine tycoon Dante Velasco, and then discovers she’s pregnant! Two years later, they meet by accident, and sparks fly when he discovers she’s been raising his secret love child.

Marrying Her Enemy – New book

Hoorah! A new book has just gone live on

It’s called Marrying Her Enemy and focusses on Rosie Darling and Luca Abramo. Rosie’s a beautiful, happy florist who is plunged into desperation when her father dies unexpectedly. The last thing on her mind is love and romance, but she’s caught off guard when she meets the handsome and brooding Luca Abramo.

Luca doesn’t believe in love and family. He’s been burned too much in his life to have any faith left in people. But Rosie is different. Her softness and sweet nature cut through his cold heart, and before he knows it, he’s falling for the blonde.

In the midst of his pleasure at the discovery of such a rare soul, a sudden discovery plunges him into desperation. Not only is Rosie the woman he’s been waiting for, she’s the one woman on earth with every reason to hate him. Luca knows he needs to do whatever is necessary to keep her in his life, even if it means keeping the truth from her at all costs.

You can read more on the amazon website … happy kindle-ing. CCx