Infidelity & Love


My most recent release THE TYCOON’S SUMMER SEDUCTION has debuted to great sales and reviews; I’m thrilled, of course. In fact, I’m *really* thrilled because this story was such a labour of lScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.25.44 pmove for me.

They all are.

But something about Thaddeus and Saphire really moved me. If you haven’t read it, here’s the gist (spoiler alert!). She’s walked in to find her husband sleeping with her best friend and desperately upset and confused, flees to the mediterranean. She meets a hot, hunky guy on the flight and in a move that is totally uncharacteristic, she decides that she should give in to temptation and have her own illicit affair. She reasons that only by hurting her husband back will she have any chance of saving their marriage. Unfortunately, life is never simple, and Saphire falls head over heels with Thaddeus …who may never find it in his heart to forgive her once he learns that she’s unwittingly turned him into ‘the other man’. It’s a dark, passionate story but it’s also very gritty and real. She is a good person who makes a spur-of-the-moment decision and I believe you can understand her motivation the whole way along. None of my characters are perfect, and I tried to write her in a way that is true to life.  Two thirds of the way through, she realises that she loves Thad and that her marriage is over. It was her husband who killed it, but she’s glad. It then becomes a question of whether or not Thaddeus can forgive her deception.
When I first began writing romance, one of the pieces of ‘law’ I read again and again was that affairs are never okay. They should be avoided at all costs. And generally, I agree. I don’t get the thrills from the illicit for the sake of illicit. Hearts get hurt, lives get ruined and deception is not okay.

When I came up with the idea for The Tycoon’s Summer Seduction, I knew that I had to write it. But the whole way along, I wrote it in a way that showed her turmoil and guilt, her growing love for Thaddeus and paralysing fear of losing him. Her realisation that, while she didn’t love her husband anymore, she still has a sense of being torn and a need to at least properly handle the demise of her marriage. I’m a romance writer and love, marriage, ‘happily ever after’ are sacrosanct concepts.

I know a few people can’t jump the hurdle of infidelity, no matter how it’s handled, and no matter what circumstances have created it… In this book, it is so nuanced; I really tried to show that though Saphire was married, her husband had never observed the confines of matrimony and that the discovery of his affair essentially set her free… Their love, too, was flawed from the beginning. Theirs had never been a love story, and Saphire realises, as the story progresses, that she should never have married her husband. So it’s a story of awakening and growth; a tale of a young woman who is jolted out of her comfort zone in the most traumatic of ways, and makes a lot of mistakes while she comes to grips with the way the world looks post-marriage.

The finishing touches are being added to the sequel to THE SHEIKH’S SECRET BABY and I can’t wait to share that with you. The pre-order will be going live in the next few days…