It’s my favourite kind of day! I just love waking up to discover one of my books has gone live overnight, and this was a double celebration as my first ever Harlequin Presents novel has also been listed onto various bookseller sites. Hurrah! Pinch me!

First things first, BOUGHT FOR THE BILLIONAIRE’S REVENGE will be available July 18 (and can be pre-ordered now – go, go!). This is a tale of passion and resentment, revenge and the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. I fell in love with Marnie and Nikos and I know you will too.


An arranged marriage they’ve run a mile from … but no one can run forever. 

Sheikh Zahir Al’Eba might have been promised to the young heiress Violet Covington, but that didn’t stop him taking another bride when it suited 3d_sheikhs-contract-bride-no-whitespacehim. Six years later, widowed and as sexy as ever, Zahir appears on Violet’s doorstep demanding that their marriage contract be reinstated. But Zahir intends their marriage of convenience to be just that – he has no intention of getting up close and personal with his bride, no matter how tempting he finds her.

Years earlier, Violet lost her foolish teenage heart to Zahir, and now she’s determined that it won’t happen again. But in his palace, as his wife, does she have the strength to stay out of his bed? And can she keep him from taking hold of her heart? She knows she’ll never match up to his precious first wife, the supermodel who died while pregnant with Zahir’s child, but that doesn’t mean she can’t forge her own relationship with the charismatic ruler. Or does it?

Zahir’s heart is off limits, but when Violet needs his support, will he find he has what it takes? Can he set aside the past to see what’s right in front of him?

A passionate tale of duty and responsibility, love and loss, THE SHEIKH’S CONTRACT BRIDE is romance from best selling author CLARE CONNELLY that will set your soul on fire. 

Book Two, THE SHEIKH’S STOLEN BRIDE is available for pre-order and releases late March, and follows the tale of Zahir’s cousin Ashad Al’Eba.

Princess Charlotte has always accepted the marriage that has been arranged for
3d_stolen-bride-no-whitespaceher, but when her intended groom’s cousin arrives to finalise the marriage details, Charlotte finds herself on the slippery slope to falling in love … with the wrong Sheikh! 

Ash has travelled to Falina with one mission – and not the one Charlotte believes. Far from meeting with her to formalise the wedding contracts, Ash has been asked to find a reason to break the betrothal off. But nothing about Charlotte gives him reason to believe the wedding shouldn’t take place … except one. He can’t get her out of his head, and now he wants her in his bed. She’s off-limits though, or is she? Making love to the beautiful princess would certainly put an end t
o the arranged marriage, but will Charlotte forgive him when she learns the true reason for his seduction? And can Ash leave it at one night when a lifetime of Charlotte would never be enough?

I am in LOVE with this series. Alpha Males… Desert Scenery… Strong women… The kind of love that sets your soul on fire? Absolutely. Happy Reading. xx