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When I was growing up, I never missed an episode of The Bold & The Beautiful. I loved that show with an undying degree of commitment. I have lost track of how many times we went through a Rooke phase then a Raylor phase, but I was as invested each cast-of-the-bold-and-the-beautiful.pngand every time as though it were the first. There’s something enduringly appealing about the dynastic glamour of stories like this – not just because of the unimaginable wealth and social status that allows us to imagine we were them, for a moment, but also, there’s the air of reality. Beyond all the couture and paparazzi, these were real people with real emotions, and though they proposed with twelve carat diamond rings, their hearts were no less vulnerable.

Late last year, I was invited by Harlequin to take part in an incredible exciting project – a serial novel full of glamour, betrayal, sex and drama. From the very first moment I read the premise I was suckered in. The Santiago-Marshall family, with their powerful patriarch Harris02-SECRETS-OF-THE-A-LIST-Quote-800-x-800on in a coma after a mysterious car accident, reminded me of everything I loved most about the Forrestors and the Spectors.

With Harrison indisposed, a question arises with absolute urgency: WHO IS THE FIXER? And what is his relationship to the powerful businessman?

The mysteries (and there are many) of this series are set agains the backdrop of a rarified world – money, status, wealth, society… the cast of this series are instantly, infinitely fascinating.

And they did fascinate me. I wrote the second ‘episode’ of this series, but I have devoured them all voraciously! It is a fast-paced, page-turning read and I am so jealous that you get to enjoy it for the first time now!


A new episode novella will drop each week for the next ten weeks (the first, Joss Woods’s awesome introduction to this world is FREE for a limited time so read it now and catch up!), and they’re designed to be devoured in a little over an hour – perfect, fast, exciting reading that will have you on the edge of your seat, hankering for the next instalment faster than you can say Netflix-and-Chill.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go! Don’t miss Episode 1 of SECRETS OF THE A-LIST while it’s free, and then power through the series.

Enjoy, lovies!

The lastingness of love


I write mostly about romantic love, and romantic love is something that most people experience in their life. The presence of it, or the absence, I believe intrinsically shapes who we are.

But I’m thinking about enduring love today. Romantic love is – or can be – but I mean real enduring-in-the-face-of-adversity love.

The reason this is playing around in my mind is because I write from a cafe and have come to know the regular cast of characters who are here at the same times I am. There is one pair, and I cannot say if they are mother and son or husband and wife, to be honest. I know only that the woman, who wears a wedding ring, has suffered something, at some point in her life, resulting in her being silent and locked away inside of herself. And once a week, her companion brings her for coffee, and they sit and he reads the paper and she stares at other people, watches him, drinks her coffee, and every now and again, if she has stared for perhaps too long at any one particular person, he reaches across and taps her on the hand to draw her attention back to him. Her staring isn’t malicious, of course, but if you don’t see it against the background of her situation you might feel a little targeted.

In any event, the affection between the two never fails to bring a swelling to my throat. He takes such beautiful care of her, making sure she’s warm, patting her back as he settles her into a seat, laying a newspaper out in front of her to look at even though she doesn’t seem to read it.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe this is something we all think we would do for our spouse or parent, if they were to require it of us. It shouldn’t be extraordinary – this level of love should be more normal.

It’s just very moving and beautiful to see it enacted, and their love and connection gives me faith in the goodness of humanity and the lastingness of true love.