Younger Season 5 Episode 4 Recap




Clare: So, last week we finished with a long overdue confrontation between Charles and Liza over her age-lie.

Kate: in which Charles showed absolutely no self-awareness about the challenges of women working in publishing (or at all), but he’s hurting, so I’m hoping that comes later.

This week opens with MAFIA!

Clare: So much room for angst between Charles and Liza.

Kate: I love Mafia so much. I also love how much Diana loves Mafia. I also just love Diana.

Clare: It’s really just an excuse for Charles to go all jilted ex-lover on Liza and for her to make big sad eyes at him.

Kate: Also an excuse to introduce a new love interest (Thank God. Replace Josh. Josh is SO two seasons ago)


Clare: So, not. Josh is evergreen. But yes, there’s a new kid on the Liza block. Enter Don Ridley, a freelance journalist writing for magazines like GQ and People. Oooh er.

Kate: and Diana gets her flirt on. Also Zane gets Mafia murdered and I’m so here for that. I’m still holding on to residual Grey’s Anatomy angst when that actor played a girlfriend basher.  Also, Charles, enough with the subtext. I’m #teamyou, but enough already.

Clare: I’m not there yet in Grey’s so I still have the Zane love. This is, of course, contingent on how he treats Kelsey… Post Mafia, Diana has a plumbing emergency, and apparently she thinks Liza might have some special skill?

Kate: I think it might be that Liza is her assistant in everyway. Also I was reasonably willing to get on #teamnewguy until he bogarted a porkchop. Who does that?

Clare: Charles is all of us at that moment.


Clare: Oh my god, it’s Enzo! Good Time Enzo! What season was that? Three?

Kate: Thank goodness. Diana definitely needs a good time.

Clare: Oh, Enzo has been pining!

Kate: Diana is definitely feeling that downtown man thing. I really hope the Thursday night date gets onscreen time. Enough with Liza’s dating adventures, bring on Diana’s!

Clare: Speaking of, Don is not going to take no for an answer.

Kate: I mean, the People party sounds like it would be amazing, but also he stole a porkchop?

Clare: Charles is so convincing in this scene. Like, oh yes, you have to go, Liza. You have to go to the party with another man. Because I’m so over you and I don’t care about you and your new porkchop-souveniring boyfriend.

Kate: I love a good Tupperware burn.

Clare: It’s so Charles to go to Tupperware. Like the most banal of insults.

Kate: Look, I work in publishing, and there are parties, but I am notinvited to those kinds of parties. Damn. Also, I like the ‘you can pick one celebrity’. I would totally pick Taylor Swift. Or Oprah.

Clare: I love that Liza knows no celebrities and has zero interest. Can you imagine if Lauren was there? Anyway, works out well for Don because Liza listens to his celeb-gossip and asks him to pitch a book. Oh! We’re back in the office and now it’s late and Zelsey is on screen. Love this. Zane has a date with someone else and Kelsey takes a leaf out of Charles’s book and is all, “I don’t care” but her look says, I do care. I really do.

Kate: I know you’re in Zelsey land, but I am so bored with this story line. Kelsey needs to get better taste in men.


Kate: Don is the biggest name dropper that has ever dropped names.

Clare: But they’re loving his name-dropping. Uh oh, until Charles swans in all possessive and territorial and super-critical.

Kate: Yes, he’s being super professional and not at all punishing Liza. *calls HR

Clare: I like that Kelsey isn’t making Liza’s thing all about her…

Kate: But she could totally do an I-told-you-so dance right now.

Clare: Liza is so insistent in her meeting with Charles. Go Liza!

Kate: I can see the cold, methodical Charles that Pauline spoke about. He’s positively icy here.

Clare:  As opposed to his usual bundle of warmth rolls eyes Oooh! Liza slams his door when she leaves the office… It’s satisfying.

Kate: I think all of the Kelsey/Zane plot line should be replaced by Diana dating.

Clare: I am there for that, but you know I’m also in the Zelsey zone. Meanwhile, Diana’s earrings are out of this world, like extra extra extra. I need some immediately.


Kate: Diana refers to Liza as a drunk toddler and I suddenly had an anxiety attack about having a drunk toddler and now I have to practise yoga breathing for a second.

Clare: Speaking of being a bit extra, as Diana leaves, the camera pans out, and Charles literally looms up, out of the shadows.

Kate: Yeah, they played up the creepy there a bit.


Clare: I know I should find this creepy but there’s an intensity that I’m liking – I guess it’s on the emotional register and I’ve been waiting for Charles to, you know, discover his.

Kate: You and your thing for intense men.

Clare: I mean, I like intensity but really, I would settle for the hint of a pulse with Charles.

Kate: I myself am here for Charles being somewhat more self-aware and recognising Liza’s value as a personand not just a young person. But Liza does notread the room with her ‘let me share my life story’.

Clare: So we’re in Staten Island now and Diana and her earrings are having quite the date with hot plumber (much to her – and my – obvious surprise). Enzo assures Diana he’s not mobbed up, but seriously, the gold chain?

Kate: ‘I’m trying to impress you…it’s a first date, don’t get used to it.’ …wait, I’m #teamEnzo now. I’m sure that the mob thing is just a phase.

Clare: I love their date. Much better than this. What is that? Where are Don and Liza eating?

Kate: I’m definitely not Team Don. I mean, I get that being a writer is very hard, but a lousy tip rather than letting Liza pay?

Clare: I think we’re meant to find this charming but I don’t. They skip out and everything seems hunky dory as the camera pans out but alarm bells are screeching for me. He’s a hard-on-his-luck journo writing unscrupulous stories just to make a buck, and Liza’s sitting on the mother of all secrets. Really, what could go wrong?

Ominous drum roll…

Kate: I also do not approve of his facial hair grooming choices.


Kate: And fin! No Josh, no Lauren, no Maggie, no Pauline…

Clare: and not enough Zelsey

Kate: Too much Zelsey!

Clare: Let’s hope next episode brings the whole gang back together. Younger resumes July 11.






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