Younger Season 5 Episode 6 Recap



CC: Okay, so we are loaded up and ready for Younger season five, episode six, and I’ll have you know I’m watching this streaming on my phone, in my car, on the eighth floor of a parking garage, with my laptop jammed beneath the steering wheel. Because COMMITMENT. (Also, Younger.)

IMG_4410 2

The episode is called Sex, Lisa, Rock & Roll and I feel like the producers are taunting us here. Will there be sex? Is something going to happen with Liza and one of her beau? We shall see.

KC: Why are they suddenly spelling Liza’s name with an s?

CC: Last  week was such a filler episode, no Charles, and minimal (but welcome) Josh. And Liza’s would-be suiter Don Ridley was exposed for trying to reveal Liza’s secret.

KC: …Exposed as an opportunistic pig

CC: Maggie!

KC: Yay, Maggie!

IMG_4423 2.JPG

I really love that Maggie gets to be successful, too.

CC: Agreed. She’s got great news and wants a drink to celebrate despite the fact they’re both still in their pajamas. Liza tells her, “Mimosas ARE breakfast,” but Maggie demurs, “Let’s skip the OJ.” Both suggestions are excellent.


KC: And the art acknowledgement is a big deal because Diana knows all about it. She’s got an invitation (naturally) and is bringing Enzo. “Blue collar to black tie”.  Love it.

CC: Will there ever be a situation in Diana’s life that she can’t sum up with one simple sentence of sass? Also, I need a moment to just absorb Diana’s pearls. Wait a second – here comes: Charles! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Oooh, and he’s so cold. Like ice.

KC: He’s back to being measured and hotly restrained.

CC: So they’ve bought the memoir of an ex rock star and delivery is waaaay overdue.

KC: This is feeling too real. Too. Real. I’m getting reflected stress.

CC: Liza is an absolute groupie, which is sweet. Charles tells Diana, ‘Let’s organise a skype meeting.’ Charles walks off and Diana turns to Liza: “Let’s means you.” I want to be Diana when I grow up.

KC: Me too.

CC: That was quick! We’re in the conference room, skyping with wayward memoirist rockstar Chrissie Hart.


KC: I mean, clearly supposed to be Chrissie Hynde. How does Younger get away without being sued all the time?? OMG, is the rock star being played by Gina Gershon? I’m sure it is.

CC: Not sure, but she’s so all over Skype Charles.

KC: She’s calling her book her baby and telling Charles she wants to hand it to him personally but I think she wants to hand him more than her baby. If you know what I’m saying. And I think you do.

CC: Poor Liza! Caught between her girl crush and her man crush.

KC: Ugh, Zane. You know what I think it is about Zane? He just wants to win. And he doesn’t care how he gets there.


CC: Jake and Kelsey are fooling exactly no one with the  both his editors cover up. Kelsey knows it, as evidence by that expression.

KC: Look, I don’t want to disparage another editor, but this is not good author care.

CC: Not to mention he’s being a major asshat. He’s obvious jealous and is taking it out on Jake.

KC: For a politico, I feel like Jake’s terribly indiscreet. Like he should know better? Also, Kelsey should not be making personal calls on her office phone. It’s unprofessional AND your company can totally listen in on your calls. It’s a thing.

CC: Chrissie’s home is AMAZING! Part gothic, part arts and crafts, all kinds of wonderful. Charles goes a-hunting for Chrissie and finds her lying on the couch with her legs out.


KC: Damn! That is a house. What is she doing? I mean, that’s one way to make sure a little skin is showing….

CC: Why do I want to have it done to me when I have no idea what it does? Maybe cellulite erasure?

KC: Man, Charles is so hot in this scene. The unbuttoned collar, the jacket, the well-fitting jeans. Hello, little notch between the collar bones. Whatever it’s called.

CC: Yeah, I’ll give you that. It occurs to me I should clarify that Charles IS hot, just not right for Liza IMO.

KC: I should remember what that notch is called.

CC: Do you mean the little divot near the Adam’s apple? He gives good divot, actually. Chin divot, neck divot.

KC: The English Patient made a big deal about it and I was OBSESSED with that movie.

CC: Chrissie rings a bell and tells Charles to ‘Taste her booch’.

KC: I bet you want him to taste your booch, Chrissie! Clearly she’s read page 58.

CC: Ha! A Marriage Vacation groupie.

KC: Did you see how she was pointing when she said that? Direct crotch point. And I love how her little session is never explained. Like she’s doing something weird with electrodes. NBD. Nothing to see here.

CC: So Younger. Like last week it was bread facing and now it’s body conditioning (maybe?) via electrolysis.


KC: Ooh Maggie’s name is printed on glass. That’s commitment.  Oh, and here’s Josh. You must be delighted.

CC: You know I am. And he’s looking divine.

KC: They’re going in for a group hug, Maggie, Liza, and Josh. Awww!


CC: Because: Friends. I wonder if Maggie would like Charles. Hold up. Am I crazy to think Diana and Maggie could have a thing? They’re building something up there, right?

KC: DIANA AND MAGGIE! That would be amazing!

CC: You feel it, right? Though I still love Lauren and Maggie.

KC: And I really like her with Enzo, too.

CC: Diana really is the perfect mix of neurotic and quintessentially unflappable.

KC: Diana’s staying the night at Enzo’s. And she’s packed a suitcase. Of course.

CC: She doesn’t know what to expect at Enzo’s!

KC: “I need to prepare for polyester.” Diana is EVERYTHING.

CC: She really is. I love how she’s so unashamed of her snobberies. It’s such an honest part of her. And as someone who takes pillow protectors away to hotels (because other people’s breath and skin cells do not need to be so close to my mouth, ugh, I get her vibe there.)

KC: Enter Enzo. He cleans up so nice!


CC: He looks so good, right? Love the suit. And his gravelly voice is 💯
At Chrissie’s house, it’s all TMI and not enough book. A weird tour of her somewhat macabre collection of skulls. Charles trying valiantly to KEEP THINGS ON TRACK. And… now Chrissie wants to show him a ten thousand dollar dildo.


KC: Look, I know Charles is uncomfortable, but Iwanted to see the ten thousand dollar dildo.

CC: YES! I mean, is it diamond tipped? Platinum?

KC: Why are Jake and Kelsey at a hotel and not at her office??

CC: She wants to work.

KC: At a hotel? And it’s clearly not working. Because Jake has a one-track mind.

CC: And there’s a huge bed framed in to shot right behind them. As Jake points out. I feel like it doesn’t bode well for his permanence that I can never remember his name. Is it Jack? Josh? Joe? Jake?

KC: Her self-tanner is still a funny hue.

CC: I think it’s hard for her to be pushing him to be professional right now when she’s blurred all these lines. She’s wanting to be his editor and his lovverrrrr. Ha, lover wins, apparently.

KC: Didn’t Kelsey learn her lesson from that guy in the first season? The scandi-noir guy?

CC: You would think. Okay, back to the fabulous party. I’m thrilled Maggie is getting her moment.

KC: Oh, yes! Yay, Maggie!

CC: Diana and Maggie meet and, obviously, bond over accessories. Maggie’s surprised Diana’s so hip and Diana’s surprised Liza’s never mentioned it.

KC: Because all ‘rompers and fanny packs’.

CC: Ooh. Charles is trapped at Chrissie’s house. And Diana can’t go because of her suitcase.

KC: I mean, clearly Liza was always going to go.

CC: Liza is going! I want to reiterate that this episode is called Sex, Liza and Rock and Roll so I am bracing for something big to about to happen here.

KC: But first, we’re at Enzo’s house. Oh, Enzo’s HOUSE!


CC: It’s so nice! All yellow and elegant. Diana is impressed.

KC: I love that hutch!

CC: So now we’re in Chrissie’s house.

KC: Damn, Charles. Enough with the supersternal notch! You’re killing me!  (See? I remembered J)

CC: And Liza is singing Chrissie’s songs because Liza is  a groupie.

KC: ‘Are you here to cock block me?’ I really hope so, Chrissie. I really hope so.

CC: Charles calls Liza one of their best editors, and that’s nice. Professional. Complimentary. Maybe he’s thawing?

KC: Poor Liza. Now she has neither the girl crush or the man crush.

CC: Jake’s come through with details about the Obamas…

KC: Is Jake making this shit up? Because I know Michelle would never do that.

CC: Also, I wonder how Younger gets permission to use these details? Look. I’ll be honest, there’s tension here and I’m not loving that Kelsey and Zane might hook up over Jake’s book.



CC: Yeah! They’re having a D&M and Zane is saying Jake’s too sweet for Kelsey and now… oh no. He’s told Kelsey to stop toying with his emotions. It’s catnip to Kelsey who leans in for yet another passionate kiss. Noooo! Remember seasons one and two Kelsey who was all engaged and somewhat monogamous?


KC: This is tacky.

CC: Right? I mean, probably don’t sleep with your author ever or your colleague ever, but with those barriers down, don’t sleep with both?

KC: It’s only like the on the first page of Strunk & White.

Oh, Liza and Charles are looking chummy on that couch. And Charles is … is he drunk?

CC: Well, they did apparently have Absinthe and Chrissie’s take on Stranger Things in the afternoon, which btw, is my idea of a perfect afternoon. I want to be Chrissie’s friend.

KC: Oh my God. Me too. We should do Stranger Things next. Oh! They are joking. ABOUT HER AGE. THEY ARE CLEARLY MOVING ON. AND THEY ARE BOTH DRUNK!


CC: They are definitely sitting close and I think we’re seeing real Liza here. And Charles is (drunkenly) noticing that. They have to stay the night at Chrissie’s because they’re too drunk to drive. The book’s been brought out but taken away again.

KC: Separate rooms. Boo.

CC: But they’re in the hallway. They’re laughing. They’re having fun. But… no. Liza can’t let a laugh go by. SHE WANTS TO TALK.

KC: Liza is not one to let things go.


CC: See he IS a bastard in relationships – I’m sorry. He is so immature to keep punishing her. That’s not love. Charles does NOT deserve Liza. How can anyone look at his behaviour and think it’s heroic? He’s made no efforts to understand why she got into this mess.

IMG_4502 2

KC: I’m not disagreeing. Charles is showing a distinct lack of analytical thinking. They go into their separate rooms and wait! Charles is hovering outside Liza’s! KNOCK! KNOCK DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU, KNOCK!


CC: This is the season 3 Friends finale, the cliff hanger with Ross/Rachel/Bonnie at the beach house. Will he or won’t he? Oh, but he won’t. He doesn’t. Because: Charles.

KC: At least we know Diana and Enzo got some.

CC:  Diana is clearly here for Enzo’s personal chef.

IMG_4515 2


CC: Oh, no. Kate! No! I can’t cope with this. He’s so perfect is all other ways.

KC: A  raisin instead of a grape??  Man, that is cold. And super ageist.

CC: BUT Diana speaks Italian. And speaks it with all the Diana-ness in the world. She tells Enzo’s mother she is a raisin! And she’s right. She needs an age-queer line.

KC: Age-queer. Oh my god, I forgot about that. Lauren is being reassuring. I mean, get yours, girl, but maybe not at work?

IMG_4521 2

CC: We are not reassuring.

KC: We are not.

CC: Josh walks in and he’s all, ‘I’m a one woman kind of guy’

KC: Yeah. One woman per night.

CC: Josh is looking for Liza. Kelsey tells him she’s with Charles. WORKING. But Josh is heartbroken. His face!

IMG_4529 2

KC: I love Lauren so much.

CC: Telling Kelsey to: have them both, diva! It’s healthier for your flora!

IMG_4525 2

KC: The best.

CC: Aw Chrissie and Liza are bonding, and there’s  so much angst behind Chrissie’s antics.

IMG_4542 2

KC: Is Chrissie’s eyeliner tattooed on?

CC: Can I just say, Liza is like the place Charles’s ex’s/wannabes go to die. She’s like the confidante extraordinaire to all the women who want Charles. Chrissie’s talking about her insecurities with her book, about sharing it with the world – what if it’s not good? And she is Every. Author. Ever.

KC: Liza is all wisdom here. And I totally feel her. Talking authors off the edge. It’s a huge responsibility.

CC: And we thank you for taking it so seriously. Hold up. They’re having a big heart to heart and Liza’s talking about her age and her divorce: why is she being so honest here? Isn’t her age still in the closet? Theoretically, doesn’t everyone think she’s a twenty something?

KC: I guess she could be that young and also divorced?


CC: OH! Back in the office, Liza has the book!

KC: And she is HOT and IN CONTROL.

CC: Or cold and in control. I feel like we’ve hit a Liza turning point this episode. Look how she’s wearing clothes that are more reflective of her real persona rather than twenty-something Liza? And how she was honest with Chrissie? And now… she’s slammed the book down on Charles’s desk.

IMG_4547 2

“How did you get that?” He asked.

“Because I didn’t run away, Charles.” And she stalks out of his office leaving him gaping.

IMG_4552 2

IMG_4561 2

KC: And I do believe there is subtext there!

CC: Hell yeah. And she’s spot on. Charles has run from all his major relationships.

Wow! What an episode. Still no pay off on the Charles or Josh front but I’m loving Liza’s development.

CC: We’ll be back next week – hopefully not from a parked car.

KC: Or with children interrupting viewing time.







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