Younger Season 5 Episode 8 Recap


Younger Season 5 Episode 8 Recap : The Bubble

KC: Oooh, that’s a grown up looking restaurant.

CC: Liza and Charles on a date opens the scene – wow. This is amazing! They’re nervous!


KC: Oh, Charles. He’s flirting with his open-neck shirt again. WHAT!

CC: It’s a super sensual vibe. Music, lighting, so beautiful. The slow undressing. Oh, Charles’s zipper. This is hot!

KC: Forget the collar! Those ABS! I’m so in love with Charles right now.


CC: Yes! So much better than super-sternal notch.

KC: And it’s not just his abs.

CC: This is a really beautiful scene. Intimate and funny. It feels very right.


KC: ‘Never the same’ is right. I’m so stressed about Diana finding out about this. She’s going to be devastated. Now that Liza finally has The Man. She needs to figure out how to keep her mentor.

CC: Saying ‘goodbye’ outside Liza’s apartment, the juxtaposition of his limo with her graffiti-covered building – is all so symbolic of the differences between them. Annnnd… ten days later.


KC: Liza is definitely starting to dress older. She’s her normal cheery self. I love it.

CC: Charles is back… with a beard?



CC: Diana, Kelsey and Liza don’t know how to react to that. This is awkward! Charles is speaking personally to each of them but not Liza. Nothing for Liza. Diana is so us in this moment – that beard!

KC: Ugh crumbs. Diana is definitely me.


CC: Aw. Him texting Liza ‘hi’ is EVERYTHING. Start of a secret relationship is the best.

KC: Why is Kelsey in jeans!?


CC: It’s so not Kelsey!

KC: Yes, that text message is just…so sweet and so shy and so everything.

CC: Zane is back to being bastardy. OH BOY. The beard. Just when you think you’ve forgotten, it’s back.

KC: BUT I’M STILL STRESSED ABOUT THE HR IMPLICATIONS. I AM BREAKING OUT IN HIVES. And sleeveless in January in New York is… It’s unlikely. I am so looking forward to Sophia Bell. The new Dr Ruth.

CC: The conversations between Liza and Charles – They are doing SO WELL with this (and this is coming from someone who is squarely TEAM JOSH).

KC: Clare, I feel like there is subtext in this scene.

CC: It’s a lesson on communication in romance. ‘Mystery is where the erotic thrives’ — timed with Charles touching Liza’s leg beneath the table.


KC: Like, maybe I’m wrong. It’s pretty subtle.




CC: With him grabbing her at every opportunity and her staring at him. And cut to Josh! Josh, josh, josh. Stop being so damned hot. Now that is a man who can pull off a beard.

KC: Maggie is dressed super subtly. I don’t like it. Don’t tone down my Mags.

CC: I’m loving Lauren. Maggie. Josh. Three of my faves.


KC: ‘We shouldn’t, until you shave.’ I hear you, Liza. No kissing with the soup strainer.

CC: Oh, God, No. Liza putting the brakes on everything and Charles just wants to stay in the ‘bubble’ for another night.

KC: I love when Charles has ideas. He always has great ideas.

CC: I can’t handle the beard. He’s reminding me of someone.

KC: Ready to take a ride!? I mean, HELL YEAH, Charles. Oh, not that kind of ride.

CC: Look, I know you are all about Charles, but can I just say, I’m not sure about this. She’s already done fun and hip. That’s Josh.

KC: I feel like this is a New York attraction that paid a lot of money to be in that spot.


CC: Yes. It definitely has that irrelevant kind of feeling.

KC: Wow. Jake is going to places that Kelsey is not.

CC: Why is Kelsey freaking out about the idea of Jack/Jake/John moving to New York?

KC: ‘I’ve been here before.’ Yes you have, Kelsey. YES. YOU. HAVE.

CC: “I’ve made the mistake of getting involved with people I work with.” YES YOU HAVE. HA! SNAP! Kelsey wants to pull back, and be there for Josh professionally, when he’s just practically asked her to move in with him. OUCHIE.

KC: I really don’t think that you’re going to be able to manage this, Kelsey.

CC: I mean, Jake, FFS.

KC: Kelsey has so very little self-control. Or impulse control.

CC: I think she’s right to be cautious and honest and look after her brand. BUT I think this horse has bolted. And it was always going to be difficult to manage, so why even go there!?

KC: I love that we’re seeing Lauren develop into an actual secondary character this season, with her own (shallow) plot lines. WAIT


CC: Maggie and blondie will hook up. NO have hooked up.

KC: We know her!

CC: :O

KC: Oh Malkie. This is not going to be a good date for Lauren.

CC: Poor Lauren.

KC: Why is Malkie laying all her stuff on the table?

CC: I LOVE Josh. Right here, this is why he’s the best. Look at how he cares for Maggie.


KC: She’s embarrassed!? Yes, she should be! Like, geez.

CC: “Shall we do more wine? Smoke a joint?” He is the best.

KC: Josh is very caring. Never disputed that.

CC: Poor Maggie. Asking Liza if she has issues. “We all have issues.” Never truer than in Younger. Kelsey is having another pant fail? This feels unlikely? Could Hillary Duff maybe be pregnant?

KC: She’s definitely changed her style this season? I don’t know? Maybe?

CC: Diana in coffee withdrawals, smelling the coffee – God, I love her. This is me with wine right now.

KC: Even Diana’s jewellery seems to be on a cleanse.

CC: Ah! The stairwell kiss is perfect — two people who can’t bear to be away from one another.

KC: MAKING OUT AT WORK STRESSES ME OUT. THEY ARE GOING TO BE CAUGHT. HR NIGHTMARE!!!!! Lauren’s hair is so cute. I wonder if she follows the Curly Girl method.

CC: I see you are following the curly girl method! Love it. Lauren is actually amazing.

KC: Ummmm…. Malkie and Maggie couldn’t even sit together and chat politely, but now they’re playing flirty face?

CC: And I’m not really sure about the recycled flowers. Maggie bought those for Lauren.

KC: Malkie is all composed and fine now?

CC: Maggie’s lashes! I’m lash obsessed when I watch this show. I feel like they could release a line of false lashes.

KC: I call BS on the consistency of this characterisation.

CC: Yeah, it’s weird. I didn’t feel she would turn Maggie down… is this just Maggie filler?

KC: She’s only there to make Maggie have some sort of revelation.

CC: Jake is talking to Charles and this is making me very, very nervous.

KC: Ohhh, Jake.

CC: Jake’s a bastard. How can their relationship go forward for his asking for his book to me taken from Millenial!?

KC: More proof he is not the nice guy that Zane told Kelsey he is.

CC: Damn it, who is that beard making me think of?

KC: And HERE is how they get Liza and Pauline in the same space! DRAMA.


CC: And Diana is fasting! She’s going to be sooooo hangry! This scene feels very dangerous.

KC: ???? WHAT!!! Oh, poor Diana! She’s still got her thing for Charles.

CC: I’m not happy about this. I don’t want Pauline to be like this, all threatening.

KC: No! Pauline!

CC: On, no! Liza! Don’t go there!
KC: Oh, Liza. No. No.

CC: Oh, dear! I’m not coping with my mommies fighting like this.

KC: This is not a good conversation. Kate is going to tell Empirical. I mean, Pauline. I don’t remember when Pauline found out?

CC: About age? She doesn’t know? Does she? But about Charles and Liza, she definitely suspects.

KC: No, about her and Charles. …

CC: Well, at Pauline’s book launch, Charles got angry with Liza in front of Pauline and the penny dropped for Pauline and she got cross with Liza, remember? Second episode, I think.

KC: Wait. Zane is being complimentary about Kelsey to Charles? I mean, he’s still a dick and definitely doesn’t respect the women he dates. But in this scene, he was okay.


CC: Zane is definitely being an okay guy here, yeah. Charles gives Liza the lowdown on Pauline’s offer. She’ll keep quiet about them but she wants the option to her sequel back. She can get double at Random House. :O

KC: Penguin Random House. I mean. If you want to get technical.

CC: “I just want to stay in our bubble.”

KC: “As long as we can.”

CC: Bubbles always, without fail, burst, friends.

KC: And Liza FINALLY gives us what we all want right here:



CC: No, you can’t work with it! Because I can’t work with it. Charles is not Josh.

KC: Oh my God, this reminds me of an article I read earlier this week about how all beards, even those washed daily, still have faecal matter in them.



CC: NO BEARDS. Are they painting the wall outside Malkie’s? This is ADORABLE – especially the Josh helping Maggie bit.


KC: THAT, my friend, is a big gesture.

CC: Talk about grand gestures! Diana in that collar, earrings and a red jacket, asking for three almonds and hot water with lemon?! #SoDiana

KC: Diana’s necklace is getting bigger. She might be feeling cleaner.





CC: I am so glad he’s no longer a faecal face.


CC: OKAY, Wow. So, in summation, that was an amazing set up for the tension that’s there for them. The danger in their relationship. Plus, we get to see them happy together before they (undoubtedly) experience bubble burst.

KC: Liza’s face in this last scene is my new ‘smug’ gif. But I’m sad that this means we’re probably done with Pauline for good now?


CC: Oh, no way! I don’t get that feeling. I suspect she still wants another kind of revenge. I think she’ll be a thorn in their side. Make life difficult.

KC: I dunno. I feel like getting her to a new publisher is firmly removing her from the picture.

CC: I don’t think Kelsey is going to be happy about another HUGE secret being kept from her. Especially if it has ramifications for her imprint.

KC: I mean, the number of workplace inappropriate people Kelsey hasrelationships with probably doesn’t give her too high a horse.

CC: That’s a very good point. But Liza’s secrecy is another issue.

KC: That’s true. Kelsey has the worst taste in men. Like, seriously, has she dated anyone who wasn’t a self-serving skeeze?

CC: Remember Kelsey’s fiancé?

KC: A very not nice guy. I do feel like Liza and Kelsey’s friendship has taken a backseat anyway. Kelsey is juggling so many men and Liza seems to have re-established her friendship with Maggie. Natural attrition?

CC: Or a side effect of Liza’s original deception.

KC: I mean, I’m not suggesting that Liza’s secret won’t cause issues. It totally will, not least of which because Charles holds all the power and also he can’t control himself at work. OH MY GOD. THE WORKPLACE ISSUES. I REALLY CAN’T, CLARE! I AM A BALL OF ANXIETY AND NERVES.

CC: Yep. The workplace issues are problematic. But I’m less tied up in knots about the HR ramifications and more worried about how their colleagues will feel. People fall in love at work – the power imbalance is dangerous, but ultimately, it’s an eyes wide open situation. HOWEVER, he should at least be trying to toe the line at work. Diana is going to feel so betrayed, and for MANY reasons.

KC: I know! It’s going to tear Diana’s fragile, insecure, tender beating heart wide open.

CC: And also because she likes Liza. And this is a betrayal.

KC: I’m really happy for Charles and Liza and also Charles abs, but Liza has two big secrets from Diana now. I’m pretty sure they both won’t last the season…

CC: Until next week!


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