It’s a new-book kinda day! πŸŽ‰

Ever thine. Ever mine. Evermore.

The third book in my five-book The Evermore Series hits e-shelves today and I am so excited.

I had the idea for this series a while ago, and this couple in particular and their conundrum really lodged in my mind. The series itself is about love and romance, but also: destiny and fate, and the wheels that are always turning to pull us closer together. These are love stories that are bigger than time and space – they are forged in the stars. My couples in this series have so much thrown at them, from other people and life circumstance, but also from their own emotional vulnerabilities and character traits, that it’s almost impossible to see how they’ll find their own HEA. πŸ’”

Fortunately for us, they do, and I so love their journeys!

Untitled design-13Xavier and Ellie’s book is out today (CLAIMING HIS SECRET BABY), and later in the year, we’ll get Arabella’s story (you’ll meet her in this book) and her sister Sophia’s story. And they’re Christmas books (my very favourite!). If you haven’t read any of the books in The Evermore Series, I’d recommend starting with THE SHEIKH’S BABY BARGAIN, followed by THE GREEK’S VIRGIN CAPTIVE. While each book is a stand-alone romance with its own very satisfying resolution, you meet the characters for the following book in the preceding book and they’re written to be enjoyed chronologically.

For now though, I’m going to bask 😊 in the delight of knowing that the thousands of you who preordered CLAIMING HIS SECRET BABY will have it live on your kindle within the next twenty four hours. If you haven’t already pre-ordered, the price will only be 99c until the book is live in all territories, then it will skip up to my usual $2.99.

One thing that would be so very helpful, if you’ve read this, or any of my books, is to leave a little review (or even a ⭐️ star rating). It makes the book much easier for lovers of love and readers of romance to find when it’s getting lots of reviews.

I’m off to celebrate πŸ₯‚Β having a new book out in the ether, and one I love so very much, and I hope you have a lovely day (full of good fun, and great books!).

Love, and happy reading, CC. x

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